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AIR FORCE 1 From high-top to low-top. Live the legend of the Air Force 1,
modernized for ultimate street style.

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ALL FOR ONE For NBA fans, the season starts now, with new Nike Air Force 1s in team colors.

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AIR FORCE 1 BY YOU Make the Air Force 1 yours with custom colors, premium materials and more.

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A CLASSIC SINCE 1982 Designed by Bruce Kilgore and introduced in 1982, the Air Force 1 was the first ever
basketball shoe to feature Nike Air technology, revolutionizing the game and sneaker culture
forever. Over three decades since its first release, the Air Force 1 remains true to its roots
while earning its status as a fashion staple for seasons to come.

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1982: A Legend is Born The Nike Air Force 1 becomes the first basketball shoe to
bring soft, springy Nike Air cushioning to the game.

1983: Players Soar with Air Soles The new Air Sole cushioning technology takes off. Nike’s
top NBA players—Michael Cooper, Bobby Jones, Moses Malone,
Calvin Natt, Mychal Thompsen and Jammal Wilkes—approve
of the gravity-defying feel.

AF1 CDP Desktop P9.png

1985: Resurrection / Re-Release A trio of retailers in Baltimore re-introduce the AF-1 in royal blue and
chocolate brown colorways, and all 3,000 pairs sell out almost as soon
as they hit the shelves. No longer just for basketball, the sneaker
takes the streets by storm. [Shoes in photo are re-releases from 2015]

1986–1991: “Shoe of the Month” Club Select retailers began exploring the concept of releasing one-off Air Force 1
designs. Every release is a hit and immediately sells out. Sneaker culture grows
from Baltimore along the entire East coast as fans seek out new drops.

AF1 CDP Desktop P10.jpg

Mid-90s–2000s: Sneaker Gold Around events and holidays, Nike introduces limited, special and premium editions
that turn the Air Force 1 into collector gold overnight. The sneaker is catching on
faster than retailers can keep it on the shelves.

2000: Hip Hop’s Sneaker Air Force 1’s popularity among globally influential rappers and artists propels it farther
beyond sport and into culture. For the new millennium, Roc-a-Fella Records is presented
with a timeless, white-on-white edition featuring the label’s embroidered logo.

AF1 CDP Desktop P11.jpg

2012: Lunar Landing Three decades after the original, Lunar Force 1 emerges, featuring
lightweight Lunarlon cushioning built into the iconic Air Force 1 design.

2017: 35th Anniversary Tapping five collaborators to recreate the white-on-white AF-1, the AF-100
collection brings five instantly coveted AF-100 designs. Among them is a
unique take by Virgil Abloh, who spun-up an iteration of his AF-1 first
released as part of “The Ten” Collection.

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The Look of Force Discover #AF1 on Instagram or mention @Nike for a chance to have your look featured on

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